The VinylPlus® Supplier Certificates

The VinylPlus 2030 Commitment aims at extending the sustainability certification scope of PVC products to the suppliers of additives and compounds.
With this objective in mind, we have established the VinylPlus Supplier Certificates, addressed to PVC additives suppliers (stabilisers, plasticisers, fillers and pigments) and compounders.

Building on the success of VinylPlus® Product Label for converters, the VinylPlus Supplier Certificates will help customers meet the demand for transparency on sustainable production.
They aim at empowering the consumers to make informed choices about the additives and compounds they buy, while enabling converters to differentiate between raw materials based on their environmental, social and energy credentials.

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How does it work?

The methodology of the Supplier certificates provides, similarly to the VinylPlus Product Label criteria, a system of credits dedicated to concrete actions performed on various areas/topics, and a series of compulsory criteria. A diverge range of sustainable development factors are addressed with respect to a holistic approach to sustainability addressed by VinylPlus®:

VinylPlus® partnership and programme support

Organisational Management Requirements

Supply Chain Management Requirements

Controlled Loop Management of Waste and Recycling

Organo-chlorine emissions

Sustainable use of additives

Sustainable Energy and Climate policies

Sustainability Awareness and Communication

Why apply for the VinylPlus Supplier Certificates?


1. Showcase your sustainability efforts


2. Help your customers to gain quicker access to the VinylPlus® Product Label


3. Help customers meet the demand for transparency on sustainable production


4. Empower the converters to make informed and sustainable choices


5. Benefit from the Certificates promotion done by VinylPlus®


The PVC industry value chain, represented by the VinylPlus community, proves once more its commitment towards sustainability.
The VinylPlus Supplier Certificates for PVC additives suppliers and compounders are a significant step forward for the PVC value chain approach. As the first of this kind, the Certificates set a new standard on transparency, traceability, and sustainable production. Our vision is that PVC can stand out as a sustainable material, and to showcase the sustainability of PVC, delivering a full value sustainable product from a certified sustainable production.


Compulsory criteria

  • Legal compliance, Quality management systems
  • Registered partnership with VinylPlus®
  • Cadmium-, lead- and low molecular weight orthophthalate-free formulations
  • Waste management

Non compulsory criteria

  • Recycling content of products, design for better recycling
  • Living the VinylPlus® programme in the whole organisation

An overall performance rating is attached to the certificate of approval to highlight areas of strong performance and opportunities for improvement.

How to apply

1. Application

Check if all compulsory requirements are met using the Self Assessment document available on the website.

2. Verification

VinylPlus® verifies conformity and informs the applicant how his application is processed.

3. Audit Preparation

Applicant fills out audit information and undertake preparation for the auditor’s onsite visit. The auditor undertakes a pre-assessment.

4. Onsite Audit

The onsite audit takes place and the auditor prepares the performance report.

5. CAB Review of Report

Based on audit result a conformity assessment body makes decision on whether to award Label.

6. Certification

Following certificate decision made by the CAB to award the Label, VinylPlus issues a Certificate of Approval valid for 3 years.

7. Re-application

Partners can apply for a renewal of their certification 3 months before the end of the validity of the certificate. The re-certification process is the same as before.

Application forms

To apply, fill out the form that applies to you.

 VinylPlus Supplier Certificate for PVC additive suppliers


  • Company Details

  • Scope of Application

  • Please indicate, by each trade name, their manufacturing site
  • I've read terms and conditions

 VinylPlus Supplier Certificate for PVC compounders


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About us

VinylPlus® is the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development by the European PVC industry. It aims to create a long-term sustainability framework for the entire PVC value chain across Europe and beyond.

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