The VinylPlus® Product Label

The VinylPlus® Product Label is a labelling scheme which makes it easy for customers and markets to identify the most sustainable and high-performance PVC products. Currently, the scheme covers the building and construction sectors.

The VinylPlus® Product Label has been developed by VinylPlus®, in collaboration with Building Research Establishment (BRE) and The Natural Step (TNS).

Product Inventory

Elegant, Twinson, Zendow, Zendow Premium
Profile 22 Optima, Spectus Elite, Swish 24/7
FIN-Door, FIN-Fix, FIN-Fold, FIN-Pivot, FIN-Project, FIN-Scroll, FIN-Slide, FIN-Vista, FIN-Window, Klappladen, Rollladen, Wintergarten
Gealan-KUBUS, GEALAN-LINEAR®, S 7000 IQ, S 8000 IQ, S 9000, S 9000 plus
System 71-80, System 90
KömaCel, KömaDur, KömaPan, KömaPrint, KömaStyle, KömaTex, Kömmerling C70, Kömmerling O70, PremiDoor 76, PremiDoor 88, PremiLine 80, System 70 AD, System 76 AD, System 76 K-Vision, System 76 MD, System 88 AD, System 88 MD
Aralya, Briliant Design, Euro Design 60, Euro Design 70, Geneo, Geneo Lift&Slide, Neferia, Nordic Design Plus, Slinova, Slinova X, Synego, Synego Lift&Slide, Synego Slide, Titanium Design
bE 73, bE 82 (Greta), bE 92, E82 (Standard), gE 76 (Greta), Green Evolution gE 76 (Standard), SL AD
ATLAS Architecture, POLYPLAN, POLYPLAN All-In-One FR, POLYPLAN Architecture, POLYPLAN Biogas, POLYPLAN Bright, POLYPLAN Candy, POLYPLAN Hall PVDF, POLYPLAN Keder Block-Out Type II, POLYPLAN Slimfoam Blockout, POLYPLAN Tent, POLYPLAN Thermofoam
Alu Inside Nordic, CT70, CT70 Accent, EasySlide, LivIng, LivIng 82 AS, LivIng 82 MD, LivIng AluInside, Living Variant, LivIngSlide, PSS 82.A1, S150, S74, SoftSlide, Symbiotic, ThermoSlide
Softline 70, Softline 76, Softline 82
B1010, B1019, B1030, B1038, B1100T, B1104, B1108, B1175, B11753, B1295, B1298, B1300T, B1590, B1592, B19762, B19763, B2011, B2033, B2110, B2120, B3110, B4907, B6915, B8400, B9000T, Duraskin B1005-standard, Duraskin B1013-easy, Duraskin B1015-standard low wick, Duraskin B1017-premium no-wick, Duraskin B1150, Duraskin B1305, Duraskin B1515-standard opaque, Duraskin B1616, Duraskin B1673-premium opaque, Duraskin B1907, Duraskin B4092, Duraskin B4616, Duraskin B4617, Duraskin B4618, Duraskin B4911, Duraskin B4915, Duraskin B4951, Duraskin B6092, Duraskin B6617, Duraskin B6618, Duraskin B6951, Duraskin B71180-Classic 800 Type I, Duraskin B71290-Classic 900 Type II, Duraskin B71311-Classic 1100 Type III, Duraskin B71413-Classic 1300 Type IV, Duraskin B71515-Classic 1300 Type IV, Duraskin T1000F, RTM450-RP, RTM700-RP, Seemee backlit ID (B7613), Seemee backlit LED (B7955), Seemee backlit supreme (B7970), Seemee frontlid night+day FR (B7939), Seemee frontlid ultramatt (B7615), Seemee frontlid ultramatt (B7972), Seemee IV (B1149), Seemee IV (B3852), Seemee mesh extra (B3131), Seemee mesh premium (B3127), Seemee mesh solution (B3135), Seemee mesh standard (B3129), Seemee mesh suprem (B3124), Seemee sinage pro (B3832), SF-6002, T1150F

Top 5 reasons to apply for the VinylPlus® Product Label


1. Showcase your sustainable PVC solutions


2. Increase your sales for sustainable PVC solutions


3. Set yourself apart and attract buyers and specifiers


4. Make it easy for your customers to identify your products based on sustainability performance


5. Benefit from the Label promotion done by VinylPlus®

“The VinylPlus® Product Label is an acknowledgement for our commitment to responsible entrepreneurship, where ecology is one of the driving factors. The Product Label offers evidence to our stakeholders that our products are produced according to the highest sustainability standards but also confirms PVC as a sustainable and future-proof material for the building and construction industry. Within Deceuninck, the label gives us an even greater motivation to continue our efforts and to remain a top performer when it comes to responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship.”
– Francis Van Eeckhout, CEO, Deceuninck

What the Product Label holders say about it


“We were searching for quite some time for a suitable sustainability certificate for our PVC product range. The VinylPlus Product Label is the most credible and powerful option we have found.”
– Thomas Napromski, Schüco Polymer Technologies

“We expect that our customers will appreciate this new and very visible proof for our sustainability performance in the PVC profile sector. The VinylPlus Product Label also gave us good ideas how to improve further.”
– Michael Dietz, Rehau AG

“We were among the first to apply for the VinylPlus Product Label and we are proud we are among the pioneers to receive this recognition. It combines elements from responsible sourcing (largely included in the BES 6001 scheme) and the sustainability aspects of the VinylPlus programme.”
– Neil Stuart, Epwin Window Systems

“The VinylPlus Product Label audit was quite a challenge for us to organise, as it came on top of all the other auditing work companies have to do these days. But, it was worthwhile and exciting to measure our sustainability work with a best of class standard.”
– Jürgen Herbe, Veka

“It is our responsibility to operate sustainably, the VinylPlus® Product Label certificate is a great way for us to illustrate this to our customers in the PVC sector.”
– Christoph Jungwirth, Head of Product Management, Internorm Bauelemente GmbH

How does it work?


The VinylPlus® Product Label is a voluntary scheme. All VinylPlus® Partners* can choose to apply for the label for a PVC product or product family. The label has been developed to ensure that a company’s overall policy and performance, along with the component materials used for products, are aligned with the sustainability criteria, which are:

VinylPlus® partnership and programme support

Organisational Management Requirements

Supply Chain Management Requirements

Controlled Loop Management and Recycling

PVC Resin from sustainable sources

Responsible use of Additives

Sustainable Energy and Climate policies

Sustainability Awareness and Communication

Read more about the sustainability criteria

*For the time being it is reserved to window profile manufacturers 

and impartiality

Each criterion covers one or more levels of performance, ranging from compulsory to exemplary/outstanding. All compulsory criteria must be fulfilled in order to secure certification. Each criterion is given a score or number of credits by an independent third-party auditor. Criteria are regularly revised and developed through transparent procedures open to all stakeholders. To ensure transparency and impartiality the audit results are then independently verified by BRE Global.

Compulsory points

  • Legal compliance, Quality management systems
  • Registered partnership with VinylPlus®
  • Cadmium and lead-free formulations, except as permitted in recyclates

Additional points

  • Recycling content of products, design for better recycling
  • Living the VinylPlus® programme in the whole organisation
  • Waste management systems

The performance report attached to the accredited label will show details of where the credit points were achieved.

How to apply

1. Application

Check if all compulsory requirements are met using the Self Assessment document available on the website.

2. Verification

VinylPlus® verifies conformity and informs the applicant how his application is processed.

3. Audit Preparation

Applicant fills out audit information and undertake preparation for the auditor’s onsite visit. The auditor undertakes a pre-assessment.

4. Onsite Audit

The onsite audit takes place and the auditor prepares the performance report.

5. CAB Review of Report

Based on audit result a conformity assessment body makes decision on whether to award Label.

6. Certification

Following certificate decision made by the CAB to award the Label, VinylPlus issues a Certificate of Approval valid for 3 years.

7. Re-application

Partners can apply for a renewal of their certification 3 months before the end of the validity of the certificate. The re-certification process is the same as before.

Application form

To apply, fill out the form below, or email this document completed to

  • Company Details

  • Scope of Application

  • I've read terms and conditions

About us

VinylPlus® is the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development by the European PVC industry. It aims to create a long-term sustainability framework for the entire PVC value chain across Europe and beyond.

The VinylPlus® Product Label has been developed in collaboration with:

Building Research Establishment (BRE) is an independent and impartial research-based consultancy, that tests and trains organisation, and offers expertise in every aspect of the built environment and associated industries.

The Natural Step (TNS) is a global network of NGOs with twenty-five years of experience in helping organisations and individuals understand and make meaningful progress towards sustainability.

VinylPlus head office

Avenue de Cortenbergh 71
1000 Brussels

+32 (0)2 329 51 05